New Zealand

November 10 - 19, 2011

New Zealand, the other side of this world. It was definetely a long way to travel and I earned a looooooot of miles :-)


My sister in law is probably the biggest New Zealand lover on earth. She has visited NZ more than 20 times by now and had the best travel tips to share of course!


We rented a car and travelled on the northern island. Getting used to the left side driving took some time and somehow we managed to survive without any accidents. We usually stayed for 2 nights at the same place as most appartments were only offered for rentings on a minimum of 2 days. I especially loved the Bay of Islands and the Tongariro National Park. The rest of the island I thought was pretty much the same to what we have in Switzerland and my home region the Allgäu. Thumbs up on the food. We had a lot of oysters, picked them even freshly from the oyster farm. And for me being a big NZ savignon blanc fan, alcohol every evening was a must. Happily we did a lot of hiking to burn everything up.


Overall it was really great, and we definetely will check out the southern island in the future, as it is said to be the much nicer part of NZ.