French Polynesia

Nov 19 - Dez 02, 2010 Tahiti - Fakarava - Moorea

The round trip in New Zealand took all our strength, hiking volcanos is of course exhausting ;-))))

Relaxation time at the most remote corner existant was needed. French Polynesia, the typical honey moon destination..... no no don`t worry, there were other plans. RELAXING was the big word. Food was ok, not too exciting.  Wine and crepes where anyway imported from Europe, so no real unknown culinary experiences. Food aside, French Polynesia was great. You shouldn`t spend too much time on Tahiti itsself, as, next to some historic sites and the volcanic island whith its dramatic weather changes, there is nothing really interesting to see. Therefore one day on Tahiti itsself is fair enough and a change of location quickly happended: Fakarava for Shark Diving &  Moorea to enjoy the last days at the Hilton Moorea.