March 3 - 6, 2012 - Girls trip to the city of Portwine

Some time ago my home town Memmingen changed the military airport into a travellers airport which is frequented by RYANAIR. 80EUR for a 2-ways trip to Porto, that`s what we would have dreamt of 15 years ago.


We were really surprised on how many people actually use the airport, RYANAIR defintely makes its business there:

........not printing out the ticket at home --> 60EUR

........skipping the line and boarding fast track --> 10EUR

........reserving a seat in the plane --> 15EUR

........extra luggage - stuff that doesn`t fit in your hand luggage --> 15EUR

........food and drinks on board --> prices varied

........ using the toilet --> still for free


Finally we arrived in Porto and our receptionist had many questions and special requests to answer. But hey 3 nice girls, who would complain :-)


Minutes later, 3 girls hit the road. The weather was nice, the mood was high and the drinks were cheap:

     1 glas water

   +1 glas port wine


    3 EUR we didn`t complain.


Bars are a must see in Porto. Caipirinhas are sold out of the windows, no wonder the streets were packed (begin March!!!) with hundereds of young and old Portogues.


The following days we spent wandering around the city, enjoying the sun and yammi-yammi-yammi we got some nice food in our tummy..... followed by sight seeing, eating, drinking, chilling, shopping and, and and. The time flew.


Thank you ladies, it was really cool - Jederzeit wieder!!!!