April 10 - 29, 2009

Time for a real adventure, that`s what we decided when planning our trip. We flew to Oman and rented a 4 wheel drive car. Since we wanted to travel on our own through the country we needed some flexibility. We needed something which was super fast in set-up. Therefore we managed to import our pop-up tent. Economic as we were, we didn`t bring the tent instructions. Setting up the tent was super easy, out of the bag and pop-up tent ready. Hah but how to get the damn tent back into the freaking bag??? No clue, therefore we travelled with a popped-up tent in our car through the country. Luckily our car was spaceous.

In our adventure we passed on off the most dangerous mountain roads on earth, gravel and at least 30% of ascending slope. We camped in a dessert, shipped a camel, discovered beautiful wadis, camped in dried river beds and hiked a canyon. If you look for an adventure Oman is the place to go….