Travelling Me.

Croatia & Montenegro

June 2015

Croatia & Monte Negro are two countries which are not on top of someone's mind when choosing a holiday destination. Mainly just because people know too little about it. Here are some images that shall shed some light!!!

We spent the first couple days on Lopud Island, an island without cars just a one hour ride away from Dubrovnik. Afterwards we travelled to Kotor and toured Monte Negro which was a lovely experience as the mountenous country lays next to the most southern fjord of Europe. The trip ended with some days relaxation in Dubrovnik at Villa Dubrovnik where we enjoyed the very charming Game of the Thrones headquarter. 

Iceland 4x4

July 28 - August 4, 2013

The land of fire and ice - crossing rivers by car, passing by volcanoes and enjoying the sheer beauty of nature.

Girls Trip to Costa Rica

2 girls hitting the wonderwold of fog forests, volcanos and hundreds of animals. Costa Rica had a lot to offer and we had a fantastic time discovering the various parts of this country.


Again another photographers paradise - check it out!

Bali & Flores - The island of the gods

5 Days Bali followed by one week diving in the Komodo National Park. You like komodo dragons, wild buffaloes, amazing sealife, manta rays and temples? My lense got them all :-)

My latest travel to Italy

Having grown up with a father who is probably the biggest Italy fan on earth there are not many places that I have not seen in the country of pizza, pasta and gelato. Find some of them here.

Hitting Singapore

National Day in Singapore - Rehearsal of the Rehearsal

Hong Kong Rocks

87 Young Investors hitting Hong Kong - what a legendary trip::::::

Namibia and me.

Namibia is a fascinating place. Photographers paradise.

Diving with sharks - quite an experience.

Check out my shark diving video. After I saw the video I was quite shocked about me jumping in there....

Me like

you all know it - you open your browser because you want to look for something  specific. But after the 3rd click you already get distracted. You finish your session and shut down your computer, only to realize that you completely forgot what you orginally logged in for... here you find a nice selection of things I found in the internet.